Screw You Sony

Screw you Sony. Why you ever entered into the video game market in the first place becomes more baffling by the day. You have no idea what your audience is comprised of. According to this (towards the bottom), you are preventing anything even remotely 2-D in nature from appearing on your console. Screw you Sony. Maybe you don't realize that there is a very dedicated group of gamers out there who are sick of dealing with crappy cameras, 16-buttons, and analog controls. Maybe you don't realize that there is a dedicated group of gamers out there who still yearn for games that require pure skill, 3 lives, and no save points. Screw you Sony. Look, it's common sense that these games won't sell as many copies as Madden 2000 whatever. That's fine. But, I should have the right to walk into a store and buy a 2-D fighter if I want. I should be able to buy a horizontal shooter if I want. Dammit, I should have the right to own the Metal Slug collection if a company chooses to put it out. Guess that may not happen now. Screw you Sony. It's almost comical that you'll let absolute 3-D crap like the Army Men series, Driven, and Lowrider on store shelves, yet won't let us have a few nice flashbacks to a bygone era. 90% (if not more) of the 2-D games that have hit your systems are superb games and highly sought after. Why in the hell wouldn't you a want a cult following like that? Is there any logical reasoning for all of this? You make your money off of Jak XVII and Ratchet & Clank 8. Let us have something that we want so depserately instead of letting more junk enter the market. Then again, I guess you really don't care. Screw you Sony. Of course, this isn't the first time Sony has given game companies grief. Capcom had problems getting a Mega Man game released on the PS One. MEGA MAN of all games! Would you reject a 2-D Mario Bros. game if you had the chance? You know, you probably would because your higher ups don't have a damn clue about this section of the industry. Screw you Sony. Companies like SNK Playmore and Capcom struggle to keep this niche of gaming culture alive, but you just keep shooting them right down. You can bet your ass that if you don't let King of Fighters, Capcom Fighting Jam, and Metal Slug into the market, you've lost a potential Playstation 3 owner. Screw you Sony.


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Dude... urm... sorry to say it, but none of that is very accurate... Why don't you go back and look at the racks some time? You know... Sony is actually the only company that still makes good games like you describe. Best check your words before you spray them, if you'd like to have some credibility. ^o^;;

Sony hasn't produced a 2-D game this generation, so you're wrong in that statement. They fought Capcom over Viewtiful Joe. KOF's can only come out in compilations according to their policies. Same goes for Metal Slugs. I believe I read somewhere where they gave grief to Konami about a 2-D Castlevania.

Read the date when this was posted. They've become more leinent over the past year or so, but it seems with a few exceptions, it's only allowed to be released at baragain prices or in sets. That's wrong and it does nothing to keep a small sector of gaming alive.

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