Video Games are back!

I have been so busy. It has been months (read: more then 3) since I have touched a controller. Those poor neglected consoles... I got out SSX 3 (my personal favorite PS2 game) and am back playing that. That game is so fun. I am a little rusty, but there are a few characters I have not maxed out yet. And there are still plenty of Platinum medals I need to get. Its well worth a purchase out of the used games bin if you do not have it yet. Its been about 4 months since I have bought a video game (I think that is a record!) but the last time I checked they cost $50 a pop. The new NFL 2k5 is only $20. What are they thinking selling it for $30 cheaper and 3 weeks prior to the release of Madden 2005 :P The Mega Man Anniversary Collection was $30 too. What is going on here? Its nice to pick up two great games for $50. I told myself I was not going to buy another game until the new GTA came out, but not at these great prices. I can't work this hard and not have some time to veg out and play video games. Bottom Line: ESPN NFL 2k5 is worth $50. Just go buy it. Mega Man Anniversary Collection is worth the cash if you are a fan of the series. You get 8 Mega Man games and two unlockables on top of that.


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What are they thinking? I think they are thinking they would like a piece of that HUGE EA pie. :)

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