Web Cam for Profit?

By Michael Cooper So, you have a web cam, but your not sure exactly what the purpose is for having one. Yes, video chatting is nice, but is it really a necessity? I mean what difference does it make if I see you and you see me. Granted, you now know you are talking to a 300-lb man claiming to be a 18 year old virgin when you see the video, but what purpose does it really serve? I've been rather perplexed over what I should do with my web cam. I mean, I'm not really using it. It was a fad at first, but it has seemed to die off. I'd rather sign into Trillian on my PC for a simple text chat, and having all of my buddy lists available, then to have six different programs all attempting to run a video cam, BTW, it is impossible. So, I turned to my trusty friend Google, a web geeks best friend. And lo and behold, what do I find, but a site devoted specifically to web camming with others! Not only that, but you get paid to be an expert in anything you want! Welcome to Imlive.com. Can this be true? Can I get paid to offer advise to someone on any topic of my choosing and get paid? Have I finally found a purposeful use for my web cam. While looks can be deceiving, I decided to give it a whirl. I signed up for an account. Doesn't cost me a dime, I just have to sit in front of my cam whenever possible. And since I'm on my computer for the majority of the time when I'm home, this isn't hard. So, now I'm getting paid to sit in front of my computer. Not quite. You have to attract visitors to your web cam by providing a unique description of what you want to talk about. So, naturally, I sign up as Guy Alone (Straight). Where else am I going to see traffic, right? You think someone would want to web cam to get information on rebuilding a PC or designing a web site? No. So, I go through the entire processes of signing up for an "adult-oriented" account, including emailing a copy of my driver's license to prove I'm over 18. It takes four days for my account to be approved, and now, I'm camming. My face is plastered over three different web sites. Money is just rolling in... Not exactly. In 15 hours of being online, I have seen one guest. Talking with some of the other hosts, this seems to be a similar occurance. However, there is one host category that can't keep them away. Girls Alone. Go figure! I'll keep you up-to-date on whether this camming for profit thing actually works. I'm supposed to get paid on the 15th and 30th of the month, collecting 40% of the profit I generate. Again, I am selling myself for the purpose of science....anyone want to video chat?


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I am a Host for Imlive for the past 4 months I will not say how much I have made. However, if you're serious about making hundreds of dollars, read on. In short, youll have to stay on the computer for full 18+ hours a day to be making any kind of money. SOme days will be worse than others, and other days will be the most you have ever made.

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