Will the new Walkman run over iPod?

Sony launches portable music player that holds more songs, plays longer and costs less than Apple's. TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp. said Thursday it is launching a Walkman digital music player capable of storing far more songs than Apple Computer Inc.'s market-leading iPod, while also undercutting iPod's price. Source: CNN Money Will the new Walkman run over iPod? Sony is a dinosaur. No. First off - What the heck took so long Sony? Will the ATRAC format kill this new snazzy looking Walkman? Thanks I will take MP3 and AAC.

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What in the world is Sony thinking!

First off, how in heck to they get the claimed 13,000 songs on a 20GB HD when Apple can only get 10,000 on 40GB's. How bad must ATRAC sound if it's twice the compression of a standard 128kbps MP3.

Then, no MP3 playback ability. :blink: I'm sorry, what? Who in their right mind would pay good money to buy a device that would make them be incompatable with every other device out there!

Sony has completely lost it! Thank the powers that be that Apple made the iPod. I don't know what I would do without it!

Sony hasn't "lost it," they just have a fatal addiction to wanting to control formats. I think if they had been able to do so, they'd have introduced a weird incompatible cassette form factor with the original Walkman 25 years ago. They tried this stuff with Beta, with MD, with ATRAC3, with MemoryStick... I am unsure why their attempt to unseat iPod with yet more nonstandard weirdness should surprise anyone. They've been doing it for 30 years and haven't learned their lesson.

Now, if only Apple would open up the API so Ogg and other codecs could be developed for use on the iPod...

The ATRAC thing is definitely a downside, unless you have Sony Sonic Stage which comes bundled in with Vaios. This device will sell well with sony aficionados but I doubt it'll do good with the general public b/c of lack of mp3 compatibility.
Shucks, I sure have fallen into Sony's format control scheme. I have the Vaio, and I bought the Clie and the Cybershot so I could use MS in all of them.

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