You've Got Mail (and Court Says Others Can Read It)

Last week a federal appeals court in Boston ruled that federal wiretap laws do not apply to e-mail messages if they are stored, even for a millisecond, on the computers of the Internet providers that process them - meaning that it can be legal for the government or others to read such messages without a court order. The ruling was a surprise to many people, because in 1986 Congress specifically amended the wiretap laws to incorporate new technologies like e-mail. Some argue that the ruling's implications could affect emerging applications like Internet-based phone calls and Gmail, Google's new e-mail service, which shows advertising based on the content of a subscriber's e-mail messages... Source: The New York Times This makes me feel almost as warm and fuzzy inside as the Patriot Act does. I can't believe this stuff. What happened to the Right to Privacy? I don't think this is "much ado about nothing." This might be small now, but it COULD get to be big, big like the Patriot Act.

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I agree with you. I believe that the Patriot Act is scary, just plain scary. They will take all the rights they can from us for security. I think they are just afraid of losing power.

Yes, that and terrorists.

Really, this is how I see it. This is one of those "this is not effecting me" type situations. They, Government, are taking away our rights bit by bit. Soon it will be too late, and people are going to say "I didn't think this could happen to me."

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