Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker Toolbar in Office

If you use Office v. X or Office 2004 for Mac OS X, you are familiar with the Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker Toolbar. And as a Mac OS X user you are well aware that you can PDF in any application without the help of a stupid toolbar.
UPDATE 5 Another reader, Tim, most probably from the recent Slashdotting, has pointed out a Adobe Support Knowledgebase article that one of the other readers has confirmed how to kill the PDFMaker in Windows. Its nice that they have a tech note for Windows (thanks for pointing this out), but I does nothing for the Mac users in the audience. Show me a tech note for the Mac!
UPDATE 4 A Blogcritics reader (Francois) found another file to delete which I skipped over. It is a preference file, and I have added to it to the list below. Thanks Francois.
UPDATE 3 This hint works in Office X & 2004 on Mac OS X, and now has been confirmed to work in Office 2003 Pro for Windows, thanks to the latest comment by Doug!
UPDATE 2 The cat came back, the very next day! OK I have had it with this irritating #$&@! Right-Click on Acrobat 6 Pro and choose Show Package Contents Now go here: Contents/ MacOS/ SelfHealFiles/ and delete the PDFMaker folder. Do the exact same thing to Distiller 6. You may have to go into your Office folder and delete the 4 files outlined below.

IT IS NOW GONE FOR GOOD. It will not come back now. Adobe are you listening?!? THIS SHOULD BE AN OPTION.

UPDATE 1 The next time you launch Acrobat 6, you will get an error message asking to repair PDFMaker. Uncheck PDFMaker, check Don't show this again, and click Continue. That is the end of the annoyance.
If you use Office v. X or Office 2004 for Mac OS X, you are familiar with the Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker Toolbar. And as a Mac OS X user you are well aware that you can PDF in any application without the help of a stupid toolbar. But did you know that if you used the Save as PDF, or the Virtual Printer installed with Acrobat 6 Pro, you get the same thing in less then half the time as using that Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker Toolbar. Yes, it is true. You can test it for yourself. This Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker Toolbar exists if you have Acrobat 6 Pro installed, as I do. I, however, do not want to see that Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker Toolbar show up every single time I open up an Office app. The real reason I hate that toolbar so much is because it keeps loading when I launch Word or Excel, it is wasted space. If you go to View > Toolbars and uncheck that toolbar, then quit, and relaunch, the toolbar shows up again. If you go to View > Toolbars > Customize Toolbars/Menus and delete the Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker Toolbar, quit, and relaunch, the toolbar magically shows up again. Even after saying that yes, I want to save the changes I made the the "" file, whatever that is (you only get this warning in Word, not Excel). If the PDF Maker Toolbar did not always re-spawn under the main toolbar (even if positioned to the right before quitting, closing the PDF Maker Toolbar before quit does not keep it closed either) I would be OK with it. It is a worthless palette on my screen but it is out of the way. Since it shows up the Standard Toolbar and above the document window, it is an annoyance (the PDF Maker Toolbar shows up between the Standard and Equation Toolbar in Excel). I like to be able to use the maximum resolution of my screen for my open documents. There is an easy solution to this problem. I only found out after finding that this toolbar was in fact called "Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker Toolbar." After searches for "Adobe" and "Acrobat" I finally found "PDF" inside the MS Office folder. I say delete these files. Mainly because it is SLOWER to use this palette then to use the Save PDF... button or the Virtual PDF Printer. This is not suprising because of how slow Office has become. Office 2004 is slower then Office v. X, so I am going to assume that to PDF a document in Word 2004 with the PDF Maker is slower then completing the same tast in Office v. X. Kill these files: Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/PDFMakerLib Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Startup/Office/Word/ Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Startup/Office/PowerPoint/PDFMaker.ppa Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Startup/Office/Excel/PDFMaker.xla Hard Drive/Users/username/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/PDFMaker Annoyance fixed! Be sure to read the other comments at my post and the Slashdot article that was kind enough to link here.

Comments (55)


Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! I've wanted to kill that tool bar ever since I moved to OS X.

:=D I second that! Thank you for finding a way to get rid of this most obnoxious of devices. What kind of idiot would have coded this thing like this in the first place? I bet it was a brilliant scheme to "increase brand recognition" by some marketroid. (my apologies if I've offended any marketroids).

Gerry Percy:

Thank you Ken Edwards a thousand times!

I've been banging my head against the Microsoft Wall over this freakin' Toobar Torture Device ever since the so-called "upgrade" to Office 2004. I tried Customize Toolbars (duh!), I tried Preferences (you'd think so!), I tried Word Help (oh really?!) ... but of course couldn't find a single solitary shread of evidence that you could either customize the Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker Toolbar, or set a preference to not have the Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker Toolbar, or get help on the Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker Toolbar.

Finally out of desperation, I asked Google to find someone who might also be going out of their mind and searching for a solution ... and presto, it's my lucky day ... this day of August 29, 2004. Thank you internet, Google, and Ken Edwards!

~ Gerry


A really big THANK YOU from me also !


i found your tip worked for me too with windows xp pro and acrobat pro 6. however, obviously the files are found under whatever drive you put them in, then Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11...
and then in the Startup and Excel and Powerpoint and possibly other directories according to how many annoying Office apps you have installed. This applies to Office 2003 Pro.

In addition to this most irritating feature of Adobe is also the incredibly long loading time of version six. As many people will know, you can reduce this dramatically by deleting most of the plug ins, which are useless.

Many thanks to you for this great tip. I understand there are a number of [free sometimes] pdf apps out there, and I will certainly never buy anything from Adobe again.


I'll add my two cents to the lot... I happen to like Adobe's stuff, usually, but that toolbar was the most incredibly annoying... Anyway. Thanks a lot for saving us all from that persistent little blight.


Just a hint, I'm not a regular user here... Printing to a pdf file or using PDFMAker through the toolbar is NOT THE SAME at all in terms of quality. Which incidentally accounts for the longer processing time.
I'm trying to get the toolbar BACK myself, although I admit it should be optional ;o))


Thank you to folks above!

For my system (Win xp, Office xp), seems to only take deleting one of the pdf files in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\STARTUP


Thank god I can finally get rid of this stupid tool bar... somebody please tell Adobe they are turning into a virus writers

Capt. America:


Ya, a gazillion times thank you from me too!!!!

SOOOO GLAD I found this! It worked like a dream!! A dream that doesn't include the stupid adobe toolbar! NICE! LOVE IT!!!



I wish I could be as upbeat as the rest of the folks here, but for me, on XP, with Office 2000, and Acrobat 7, These tips don't work.

There are _no_ files in the \STARTUP folder, so I went looking in the \Adobe directory.

I found a slew of .tlb files under:
\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\PDFMaker

so I deleted them. As soon as I opened an Office application, it STARTED THE INSTALLER AGAIN and automatically replaced the files I had deleted.

Not to be beaten that easily, I found the .cab file where Adobe kept its copies, and "hid" it.

As soon as I open so much as a BROWSER WINDOW, the installer pops up and tries to re-install the files as before, except now, it fails because it can't find the archive. So it tries again. And again. and again. and every time I open an application that they have hooked into!

The only way to stop it was to undo my changes, so now I'm back to square one: A prisoner of Adobe's programmers. The only other program that I have ever seen be this aggressive is called CoolWebSearch, and that's one of the nastiest pieces of malware on the internet right now.

Thanks Adobe. Thanks for becoming a parasite on my GUI experience. Thanks for mandating that I use your toolbar, and thankyou for preventing me from hiding, or even RELOCATING your eyesore of a toolbar. And finally, Thank you for ensuring that I never pay for another Adobe product as long as you stay in business.


For those of you using WinXP, Office 2003, and Acrobat 7 (Like airdawg) here is the fix to get rid of f*****g PDFMaker toolbar from all of office products.
Open a DOS window and type regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\PDFMaker\Office\pdfmofficeaddin.dll"

Thats it.


More adobe fun:

Boomer's fix above seems to do the trick nicely.
But I did also have to do a:

regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\PDFMaker\Mail\Outlook\PDFMOutlook.dll"

to cut out the outlook toolbar that started the frustration. Yay! (or so I thought...)

Suddenly Visio 2003 just "stopped" working on me.
With the cryptic C++ Runtime Error: "The program has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way".

Googling found this:

and sure enough, if I delete the PDFMVisio.vsl file, Visio starts, but tries to reinstall the file every time I start Visio. If I let it, Visio crashes the next time it is run.

I tried Boomer's fix on this file, and it claims to unregister it successfully, but Visio still tries to put the file back every time it loads.

Any thoughts?
(Besides the obvious invectives hurled at adobe.)

El Payo:

Thanks mucho. This is just the stake I needed to drive through the GD PDF toolbar's heart.


Hmm, maybe no one bothered looking on the Adobe website for instructions in un-installing it? Hoho. This is the way to do it correctly with PDFMaker v6.0 (they got another guide for 5.0 on there).


I updated this article with information about a preferences file to also delete (Mac) and a Adobe tech note (Windows) that readers found. Thanks people!


Gavitron, I can't believe the horrors you went through trying to uninstall that toolbar. I'm also an XP/2003+Visio/Acrobat7.0 user.

The source of my frustration was also the outlook pdf toolbar, popping up in new emails and replies, driving me insane.

Anyhow, I just unregistered the outlook toolbar as per your method and and haven't seen it yet, although I have yet to reboot the machine. Who knows what nasty triggers Adobe placed in there to re-register the dll.

I won't try to attempt to kill it from Office+Visio, however. The mere fact that it no longer pops up on every new email is enough sanity for me.

Anyhow, thanks.


There is yet another better method to get rid of this nasty pdfmaker. Although it will require a reinstall of Acrobat, it cure any problems i have seen in previous posts.
When installing Acrobat, select custom install and not a typical install. From the next screen, unselect pdfmaker from the list of programs going to be installed.

Hopefully, you will never have this problem ever again.
To create a pdf document, use printer.

Hope this will help.



Thank you a thousand times, I'm finally rid of that adobe toolbar!


can somebody give a step by step toturial on how to create a pdf file from word doc using adobe.

if its not too much to ask, i need it now!!!!


haha, the above uy is a complete idiot. can you give me a step by step tutorial on how to log on to my computer. And if its not too much to ask, also how to use the internet?


PS I need it NOW!


I have Acrobat 7 and Outlook XP on Windows XP and that toolbar was driving me nuts.

Go here:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat 7.0\Setup Files\AcroPro\ENU.
Run AcroPro.msi
Select Modify.
Expand Create Adobe PDF
Expand Acrobat PDFMaker
Click on Microsoft Outlook and choose "This feature will not be available".

This too was annoying the freaking HELL out of me. Thanks for the tip.

*breathes easier*


I have Acrobat 7 and Outlook XP on Windows XP and that toolbar was driving me nuts.

Go here:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat 7.0\Setup Files\AcroPro\ENU.
Run AcroPro.msi
Select Modify.
Expand Create Adobe PDF
Expand Acrobat PDFMaker
Click on Microsoft Outlook and choose "This feature will not be available".

Thanks that did the trick for me. It was buggin the hell out of my on Outlook 2003.

S. Kramer:

Thank you VERY much for this. And it's also reassuring to know that I'm not the only one driven out of my mind with this stupid toolbar. Esp. when it rises from the grave to reinstall itself!

I haven't tried your last fix yet. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


All you PC users who are struggling to figure out how to disable this damn toolbar - screw it - just get a mac, and more than this annoyance will dissappear


If you're using Office 2003 and Acrobat Pro 7... To remove the toolbar, open each application 1 by 1...right click on the toolbar, and click customize, click the toolbars tab, uncheck PDF maker, click on standard (don't uncheck it, just highlight it) and then click reset. There is no need to go into the registry and start deleting keys, or to delete files from program folders. Hope this helps some peeps!

Bob Spencer:

I have lost a lot of sleep over that god damned adobe toolbar popping up all over the place. Thanks for the solution and to Google for locating it.


################## SOLUTION ##################

solution on the Support site:


Sorry Soul but that is not the solution. Far from it to be honest. That Adobe tech note gives you no information at all to GET RID OF THE ADOBE TOOLBAR in all the Office apps.

It also bears mentioning that I wrote this for Acrobat 6, and since Acribat 7 has come out, Adobe has published two seperate tech notes as to moving/closing/getting rid of the Adobe Toolbar in Office apps.

I wonder why? Maybe because people hate them? I wonder. There is no better solution then deleting the files off of your computer. Because Acrobat is clearly written to "turn on" the Acrobat Toolbar if it missing.


Thanks for the tip, it took me a couple of minutes but I only had to delete two 'PdfMaker' files from the Office folder and that did the trick. I thought it was just me that HATED the evil toolbar.


Thanks for the tips Ken! It fixed the problem on my Mac OSX 10.4.3 + Office 2004 SP2 + Acrobat 7.0 Pro!

But I noticed there's a mistake on the full path of some of the evil files, you list it as:

Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Startup/Office/Word/

Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Startup/Office/PowerPoint/PDFMaker.ppa

Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Startup/Office/Excel/PDFMaker.xla

When it should be:

Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Startup/Word/

Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Startup/PowerPoint/PDFMaker.ppa

Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Startup/Excel/PDFMaker.xla

Anyway! Thanks for making my life better!


Thank You! Using the Adobe installer per Mike did the trick for me, and seemed the least disruptive. I was also able to adapt Boomer's registry edit to kill the annoying (and useless) BlueSoleil toolbar in Outlook, which was what got me looking


fyi, if you have CS2 installed, the directories for the regsvr are slightly different.

regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat 7.0\PDFMaker\Office\pdfmofficeaddin.dll"
regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat 7.0\PDFMaker\Mail\Outlook\PDFMOutlook.dll"

thanks for the help guys.


run the installer again, goto modify,
create pdf -> Acrobat PDFMaker
click on this subtab, and choose 'This Feature will not be available.'

easy as that :p


thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!


Thank you so very much, I am trying to kill this retarded tool bar in my MS Outlook but everytime I restart the aplication this shit is there again, stupid adobe, someone should die for making this virus.

Thanks again!


Hey thank's boy I've also been wanting that stupid thing out of my way! Great one. I've searched for adobe and acrobat but not pdf.



omg you are the BEST thank you SO MUCH

the worst part about that stupid 2 button toolbar was that you couldn't even move it to the side of a real toolbar, it had to pop up vertically between and push everything down but now it's gone forever muwahahahahaa!

You are my HERO. I HATE HATE HATE that toolbar and I tried everything to get rid of it and you had the answer all along! Thank you. You have provided a valuable service to annoyed MS Word users everywhere.


For Windows XP SP2 and Office 2002 To disable Adobe Acrobat Menu and Tool bars in Word 2002 only go to: regedit - HKey_Local_Machine_Software_Microsoft_Word__Addins_PDFMaker.OfficeADDIN -- change the load behavior registry entry from 3 to 0
Worked perfectly for me


Thanks for this info - was driving me nuts till i decided to do something about it today :)


I have noticed a difference between Mac OS10.3 and 10.4 when installing software. I have tried to disable the Adobe registration by throwing out the web folder but, what works in 10.3 is not happening for Tiger. Any suggestions?

Robert Wexler:

I've recently installed Adobe CS 1 and now have the pdf maker showing up in my Word (Office) X. I've tried getting rid of it per what everyone says, but it keeps coming back every time I open Acrobat (even though I tell it not to when it asks!). I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but what? Could someone please email me? Thanks.



WINDOWS USER SHOULD KEEP THE TOOLBAR! (I know, this is a Mac user's site, but Windows users are clearly reading) The toolbar represents the only way that you can generate PDF documents that are tagged for accessibility. Since MS only provides access to application information via VBA, Adobe can't accomplish this using the print command (this also explains the speed decrease).

Unfortunately Office for the Mac doesn't provide the same information for the Adobe toolbar to use regarding document structure, so the Mac version can't generate tagged PDF files.

Please leave the toolbar installed if you are running Windows, and create tagged PDF documents!


thank you VERY much, like the other users who posted, I was so frustrated when tried time and time again to get rid of the stupid thing. A very useful post.


In XP, you remove the Adobe Toolbar features using Control Panel "Add or Remove Programs" by selecting Adobe Acrobat, then choose MODIFY, then unselect "Acrobat PDFMaker" and click next to run the setup program and remove that feature. When you restart, the Acrobat toolbar feature will be gone. You can still create PDF files using the PRINT menu.


Thanks so much for figuring out how to kill that damned Adobe Toolbar in Microsoft Office.


Go here:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat 7.0\Setup Files\AcroPro\ENU.
Run AcroPro.msi
Select Modify.
Expand Create Adobe PDF
Expand Acrobat PDFMaker
Click on Microsoft Outlook and choose "This feature will not be available".

Worked for me...Office 2003, Windows XP Pro


Geez...Thanks so much!

finally got that annoying space consuming Toolbar out of Office 2004.

Great stuff!

Henry, you rock. Modifying the Acrobat installation did the trick for XP/Office 03/Acrobat 6. Thanks for this article! I was going nuts trying to get rid of that inane toolbar in Visio. Oh crap, I think this means that now I have to actually do my work ... dang.


For Windows XP, Vision 2002, Delete:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Visio10\1033\Startup\PDFMVisio.vsl
For other office (2003) applications, turing off the toolbar worked.


Adobe have a tech note for OS X now. The important bit is to remove the following:

Applications/Microsoft Office [ version ]/Office/Startup/Excel/ PDFMaker.xla

Applications/Microsoft Office [ version ]/Office/Startup/Powerpoint/ PDFMaker.ppa

Applications/Microsoft Office [ version ]/Office/Startup/Word/

Applications/Microsoft Office [ version ]/PDFMakerLib

Works for me!


Mark Enright [TypeKey Profile Page]:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Setup Files\{AC76BA86-1033-0000-7760-000000000003}

I have Acrobat 8.02 and Visio 2003 on Windows XP and that toolbar was also driving me nuts.

for me it was like this:

Go here:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Setup Files\{AC76BA86-1033-0000-7760-000000000003}
Run AcroPro.msi
Select Modify.
Expand Create Adobe PDF
Expand Acrobat PDFMaker
Click on Microsoft Visio and choose "This feature will not be available".

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