EasyHistoryCS and MultiDoCS

It was just brought to my attention that there is a history palette plugin for InDesign CS. They also have a free undo multiple/ redo multiple plugin, MultiDoCS. The EasyHistoryCS plugin costs $19 until Sept. 1st, 2004. After that it is $39, which is still well worth your money. The EasyHistoryCS palette works just like the Photoshop History palette does, it even creates snapshots of your layout as in Photoshop. Worth checking out for sure! It looks like 65 Bit Software has other nice plugins as well, none of which I would need though. I have got to show this EasyHistoryCS plugin to Paul at Unigraphics, he is going to love this. On a related note, I am about to move Unigraphics to OS X. After seeing how nice and smooth things run in the newsroom, they cannot wait to start using OS X. That and they are chomping at the bit to upgrade from InDesign 2 to InDesign CS, which is more then understandable.

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