ESPN NFL 2k5 Giveaway

Yep, you read that right. Breaking Windows is giving away a copy of ESPN NFL 2k5 for the XBOX. All you need to do is answer these questions. No cheating! If there is a tie there will be bonus questions. Send your answers to kenneth.edwards at Here are your questions: 1) What year was EA's Madden franchise first released on the Sega Genesis? 2) What was the name of Acclaim's NHL Franchise that they released on the N64 in 1997? 3) How many games in the Tecmo Bowl franchise were released on the Super Nintendo? 4) What was the name of the franchise 989 Sports released on the PS One to counter Midway's NFL Blitz series? 5) Which NBA player was featured on Nintendo's N64 and Gamecube basketball franchise? 6) What was the name of EA's baseball franchise before their current MVP Baseball series? 7) What MLB player endorsed a softball game for the PS One? 8) What was the name of the tennis series on the Sega Dreamcast? 9) What was the name of the only golf game to appear on the Dreamcast? 10) What console featured the first league licensed sports games? 11) Name Konami's hockey game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. 12) What football franchise did Visual Concepts program on the Super Nintendo before being hired by Sega to produce the 2K line of games? 13) Which Sega baseball game was the first to feature play-by-play commentary? 14) True or false: The first Madden NFL on the Nintendo 64 did no feature a full NFL license. 15) What was the first WCW wrestling game called on the PS One? And no Matt, you cannot enter this contest. You wrote the questions :P Good luck! Void where prohibited. Only open to Earth residents. You must be 3 yrs. or older to enter. Purchase does not increase chances of winning. Please play responsibly. Contest ends 08/13/04 unless noted otherwise.

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