InDesing Training Sessions

Today was the first of two 4 hr. training sessions I am conducting for the students who will be putting the paper together this fall. Paul, from Unigraphics and Carrie, our Editor in Chief this fall, also helped a lot during the training. I am obviously not the only one who hates using Quark. They were all eager to learn the new software and new system. The thing I am amazed at so much is the fact that the students are picking up InDesign very fast. And more important than that is the fact that they like using InDesign. Its not that I don't have faith in our News staff, I have just never taught InDesign to anyone before, and I have heard from different sources that InDesign is much harder to teach then Quark. I think that statement is wrong, completely wrong. Monday our two production interns come in for training. Hopefully that will go as smoothly as the News' training has. Wednesday we have our second training session for The News. Hopefully those who could not make it to today's training can make it Wednesday. The best part about today's training, besides getting the students feet wet in InDesign, is having folks in the newsroom that can tell me what I forgot to make. I missed a few library items and a couple paragraph styles. I hope Wednesday's session will turn up a couple more items I missed. There is always something. But right now I have all of the templates, styles and library complete. That is a great feeling.

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