iTunes 4.6: Items In Playlist Cannot Be Burned

You can't burn an MP3 CD from AAC files. You have to first convert the AACs to MP3. You can of course burn the AAC files to audio CD. Excuse me, but this is bull pucky! iTunes does so much, why can it not rip an AAC to memory and then burn it to CD as an MP3 disc? Stupid "feature." So I have to transcode my AAC files to MP3 (its a good thing iTunes does that) and then I can burn a MP3 CD. I now have a large portion of my collection in AAC. Had I known this I would have only used AAC for those files bought from the iTMS. iTunes should be able to convert AAC on the fly to MP3 and then burn the MP3 disc. Toast rips MP3 files to AIFF before it makes an Audio CD. I am not really miffed, it is just that I expect more from an Apple product such as iTunes.

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When you consider that iTunes can convert AAC to MP3 on the HD, it does seem pretty stupid that it doesn't do that for burning CD's.

Mind you, I'm using the Windows version, but I have not been all that impressed with iTunes over all. The initial release was crap! 4.6 has a lot of bugs fixed and seems pretty solid. It's a pretty slow program. I had a 1.4GHz cpu before and the program took a long time to do things like searches and such. With my new 3.2GHz system, it's much more responsive.

There are two reasons I use iTunes over WinAmp. One is the extra sorting feature "Genre". Being able to start with Genre when locating songs to listen to is a big plus. The other and the biggest is the fact that only iTunes will play songs purchased from the music store.

Since TiVo gave away their Home Media Option, we use that to play our music collection upstairs. It's unfortunate that we can't play the songs we bought. It might be possible with the software that gets rid of the protection, but I'll need to convert the files to MP3 as well.

So does the transcoding lose quality? Or does it somehow convert the packets from one format to the other without having to re-encode?


having that feature you guys are complaining about would have voided Apples DRM! That wouldn't have made record companies at all easy with Apples iTunes solution. Plus you must remmeber that iTunes was made so people would be tempted to buy the iPod and forget about burning CDs.

My complaint has nothing to do with Apple's DRM from iTMS songs. I think the restrictions Apple puts on their iTMS music is just fine. Being able to burn a playlist 10 times is rather liberal.

I am talking about the mass amount of CDs that I have ripped into really nice sounding VBR AAC files. Now I want to burn MP3 CDs so I can play them on my stereo My stereo is not close to my AirPort Express. This is all irrelevant though. This is my music that I own and I should be able to do with it what I want.

I have AAC files from a CD that I bought from a store. I have to now re-rip these CDs as MP3, or transcoder the AAC files to MP3. Obviously it is better to re-rip, although that takes longer.

Apple can hinder their iTMS bought music all they want to, but they do not need to hinder my own music. To repeat what Dave said: When you consider that iTunes can convert AAC to MP3 on the HD, it does seem pretty stupid that it doesnt do that for burning CDs.

I would have to agree with Dave here, especially since I am not talking about ITMS bought music.

As for the quality of the transcoded music, I can tell a difference only when I play the music on my nice 5.1 speakers. The transcoded MP3s do not sound as good. If I re-rip into MP3 then they sound as good as the AAC versions. When I play the transcoded MP3 files on my iPod, I cannot tell the difference.

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