Kerry & Edwards Rally in Bowling Green

Mike Metzger has some photos online, be sure to check them out. I got to the rally at 1 PM, I should have been there at 9 AM because at 3 PM they stopped letting people through the metal detectors, and I was still in line waiting. If I hadn't worked at the Toledo City Paper on Friday I could have gotten a BG News press pass (made specifically for the rally) and been able to get through the gate and close to the stage. Oh well. I'll take work over a press pass any day. From where I was standing, corner of Wooster and Main, I could barely see anyone speaking. They could have put up a better sound system, one that included speakers at the Wooster and Main intersection. After standing in the sun for 4 and a half hrs. I decided I had enough of the sun, and not being able to see anyone on stage, I ended up watching the Kerry speech, which started at about 4:30, on the big screen at BW3. Of course I was starving at this point so wings and a beer didn't hurt either. The abortion protesters were great. I am sorry for the people who brought there kids to the rally. If you were not through the metal detectors you could not go 5 feet without seeing someone holding up a huge poster with an aborted fetus on it. There was a small but loud showing of Bush supporters. It was fun getting into a shouting match with them screaming "4 more years" and most of the crowd yelling "3 more months." There were far more people there then expected, I heard this from a few sources Sunday. This would have worked out better at the Doyt Perry Stadium, or Anderson Arena, or outside of University Hall. All would have been better venues. But whatever, they wanted to use the downtown area as the backdrop to the stage, because it looks good. I would personally rather be able to see and hear the people speaking, but thats just me. I was not that entirely impressed. It was great to have Kerry and Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, John Glenn, etc, here to speak, but what good is it if half the audience cannot see and hardly hear? Oh well. They were here, and I was there. At least I can say that.

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I'm still trying to figure out how BG was chosen as a rally point. The only businesses there are the University and Sky Bank. There is very little other opportunities for employment, or at least a regualr, stable employment. Sure, you have your retail outlets and fast food chains, but come on...the town is dead during the summer!

Good to see that there was at least a large turn out. And I have to say, downtown BG was looking pretty sharp in the backdrop from what I could see on Fox.

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