"Manhunt" kills 14-year old

Here we go again, only this time, it didn't happen in the US. As you can read here, Warren Leblanc (17) was obsessed with the game "Manhunt." He has confessed to killing Stefan Pakeerah (14) with a claw hammer and a knife. For those who don't know (since the above story makes little mention of it), "Manhunt" puts players in control of a man forced to kill and survive. The player is a product for a sick individual that not only created the world, but also enjoys watching the killings on closed circuit TV. The goal is to survive and find the man responsible. Of course, almost immediately, the game has become the focus of the crime. This story comes just a few weeks after sports video games were attacked by a parental watchdog group (my thoughts here). The parents have claimed the game should not be for sale to anyone and stores in the UK have pulled it from their shelves. The 17-year old Leblanc is likely facing life in prison. Now, I feel just as sorry for the victim here as the next person. It's a tragedy. But, once again this is entirely the fault of the parents. Stefan's mother is quoted that she feels Warren was "inherently evil." I'm not a parent, but I can assure you that if I felt one of my child's friends was "inherently evil," they would never come in contact with them. Also of note is that the game is rated as such that only people over 18 should be allowed to purchase it. Mom obviously fronted the money for the bill on this one. It also must be known that the X-Box has parental controls built into the console so preventing anyone from playing the game is easy. If your child is becoming obsessed (which he was according to the story), you can either take the game away or lock it out of the system. Guess mom didn't care enough. The murder itself does closely mimic the game itself. Could the idea for the crime come from the game? Certainly. Does the game put you into a mindset to commit a murder? Uh, no. If that were the case, I'd be running around shooting people like I saw in the NES game "Contra" over 18 years ago. This type of thing has to stop. It was thought up by some money-hungry lawyer who got the brilliant idea after seeing a story on how much money these games haul in every year. It's odd that only video games should be banned now. Maybe everyone forgot that movies are far more realistic and kids manage to watch those as well. Parents, learn how to raise your children properly and have some common sense for once before buying your kids products like this.

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Amen brother!

One of these days, someone is going to realize that responsibility for ones actions are their own, not a video game/movie/news story/hiphop song/D&D game/etc...

Not that I am siding with the mother here, but to her credit, the title of the game "Manhunt" does sort of sound like the police side of things. When the police go on a "manhunt" trying to find a killer, etc... That's what I thought the game was about until I read the "plot" of the game.

You mention "Contra". What about America's Army? It's a free game made by the Army!


Matt, I totally agree. It goes along with guns don't kill people, bullets do. Well, it still takes someone to pull the trigger. The video game did not kill this poor child. It was a dillusional kid who had no grasp on reality. It's about time we took a stand. Video games/movies/news/music....these things don't kill people. Stupid people kill people. If you have lost total grasp on reality, and you think some sort of media is telling you to go out and kill. Shit, we would all be screwed. Are we to start believing that giant queen ants will rule over LA (see the THEM! DVD review) just because a movie depicts it? These are fantasy fiction. Any form of media is an escape from reality. I play violent video games to destress after a long day at work with a bunch of idiots. Being able to go home and blow away a few people in SOCOM imagining these "enemies" are my coworks is a hell of a lot safer than bring a .45 into the office place and blowing away some coworkers in reality. Wake up, world! It's time we took a stand against stupidity!

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