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I have been wanting to refresh the site design for a while now. I want a CSS based template. But I have no time to do this right now, just like I have not time to work on the Unigraphics Invoicing System at the moment. All my energy is being spent on this InDesign switchover and all that entails (another post entirely). Those folks at Digital Partners are making my life a bit easier. They have a bunch of new template designs. While I do not like using cookie cutter designs, the BG News site needs a revamp because a) I don't like how it looks anymore and more importantly, b) the IAB has some funky new ad banner sizes. Please tell me which template you like the best. My current favorites is Layout 4: Skin 5. I can put the BG News flag in the upper left, since it is not a wide flag like most the other designs accommodate, and I will use orange and blue as the colors. The only thing I think the template needs is a tile to the RSS feed under the AvantGo tile. Is there another template you like? Let me know, post a comment.

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I like Layout 1,2,3, Skin #2 for all of them. Gotta have some color in the background.

i'm fond of cleaner simple designs: like this one

but then again my site is about as stripped down as it gets, done in entirely in XHTML and CSS.

I like skins one and three the most. As for layout, I enjoy layout template three, but you made the good point of wanting the email signup near the top. How tough would it be to put the bare necessities ("signup for e-updates:", form) in the same line as the main menu ("Front Page/Spotlight/Lifestyle" etc), which I like? I don't know how much license digital partners gives you with their templates.

BTW, I agree that layout 4, skin 5 is a nice choice. For an example of what I absolutely do not want, see my hometown newspaper, for which which I generally have only praise. Its horribly-busy site is at

They give quite a bit of flexibility actually. There are rules as to where banner ads have to go, such as the skyscraper ad has to be visible at a resolution of 1024x768.

I have decided on a hybrid of Layout 1 and 4. I like the shell of L4 and the guts of L1. I like seeing the headlines "above the fold" and to the right of the 3 feature articles. I also like the size of the feature 1 image. dominant art is good to have. Cooper suggested having the headlines "above the fold" and that is a good suggestion.

I will use the flag we use in our paper for the site, it is horizontal, but not so much so as the mock up flag used in Layouts 1,2,3 and 5.

Also because of Mary Beth Wilfong's suggestion I am going to try and brown and orange color scheme. It can't be as bad as purple, orange and yellow ( I like the orange and blue b/c they are complimentary, but brown and orange are our school colors after all.

On the right side above the local tile ad I will put an ad for the RSS feed, call it "News Feed" so as not to scare people who don't know what RSS is, and underneath that a picture of the day's front page. This is something that I have wanted to do for a while.

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