OmniWeb 5.0 now available

Following months of beta testing, the Omni Group today announced the availability of OmniWeb 5.0, a major update to its Mac OS X Web browser. The new version can be immediately downloaded from the company's Web site, and soon will be available in most retail software outlets. Highlighted new features include a tab drawer, saved browsing sessions, greatly enhanced bookmarks, page marking, improved search shortcuts, site-specific preferences, and more. OmniWeb 5.0 sells for US$29.95, while upgrades from previous versions are $9.95. A 30-day trial version is also available... Source: MacMinute The final is here! The final is here! I have been using the beta for a while now. The OmniWeb (OW) 5 final is much faster to start up and shut down, which was my only complaint about OW 5 beta. OW 5 is based on WebCore which runs a heck of a lot faster then the home grown engine OW 4 had. OmniGroup has assembled a large number of impressive features above and beyond what Safari can do. I have been a happy OW customer for some time now. Be sure and check OW 5 out! OmniWeb 5 top 8 features (as mentioned on the web site) Powerful Graphic Tabs Workspaces Ad Blocking Saved Browsing Sessions [Powerful] Bookmarks RSS News Feeds Site Preferences Search Shortcuts I would have to agree with those 8 being the top features. I will gladly pay the $9.95 upgrade fee to support such great, hard working folks! Keep up the good work OmniGroup! And no, I do not work for OmniGroup, I am just a long time satisfied customer.

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