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To Our Valued Apple Customer: Thank you for ordering the Power Mac G5! The demand for this item has been incredible. We are shipping them as quickly as possible, but cannot meet the ship date we previously estimated for you. We now expect to ship your Power Mac on or before August 30th. Your satisfaction is important to us and we appreciate your patience and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this delay has caused you. Please rest assured that we fulfill all orders in the order they are received. If you do not contact Apple Sales Support to indicate that you consent to the revised shipping date, Apple is obligated by law to cancel your order. If you have prepaid for your products and we do not hear from you before August 30th, we will cancel your order and refund your payment promptly. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience. Contacting us is easy...
Wow, another delay? No way! I really didn't think my G5 would make the 8/20 ship date, but I had hoped it had. I have now given up hope. I wish Apple would just tell their customers the truth. If they are not going to ship most of the dual 2.5's until September... October... whenever, just say that. I assume the delay is because of poor yield rates on the 2.5 Ghz chips, and/or the water cooling unit is causing problems. Will we ever know? I am just glad I didn't have a video project to do, or a DVD project to create before I go back to school on Monday. This PowerBook just does not cut it for DVD Studio Pro work ya know. I have received all of my order: the 23" Cinema Display, the Airport Express and AppleCare. I ordered RAM from Crucial, I got that a while ago. What if that does not work? Are they going to take it back after having the RAM for over a month? Crucial will probably understand but what about other companies if things need to be sent back? I am not happy about all this. Apple needs to treat their dyed in the wool customers with respect. I will put up with this because I want my G5, but what about people who are not so sure about getting an Apple computer, those who have never bought an Apple before. I also do not understand why I need to tell Apple that YES, I want them to deliver my order. If I did not want it - you know what - I would not have ordered it! I was talking with Rob and he tells me it is because of a federal law. Since the ship date of my order will be after 60 days Apple has to confirm with the customer (me) or cancel the order. Thats just a load of crap if you ask me. I placed the order for the 23" Cinema Display AND a Dual 2.5 Ghz G5, I think I was sure I wanted it.

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Funny, when we ordered our Dell 8400, they had just changed their site from 8300's to 8400's. The 8400's have PCIexpress in them. The order said they would ship 3 weeks after the order date. Mine shipped 2 weeks and a couple of days after, and my wife's shiped at almost exactly 3 weeks.

Maybe all the re-tooling that they do to come out with new systems every year is catching up to them. I mean really, how many "Macintosh" designs have there been? It's got to be close to 50 by now.

I have also head rumors that the new iMac's are on their way. Again, redesigned case, G5's. Maybe they are moving some of their G5's that would go into the G5 case into the iMac's... :shrug:

Is there a limit to how long you would wait? Seriously, I'm curious. 3 months? 6 months?

Good luck man. I hope they get their act together soon. I really do know what it is like to wait for a new computer.

Allowing you to cancel the order if it's delayed is just common courtesy. You may need a machine promptly so you can cancel the order and then order something else that's in stock.

And by the way Ken, in about 3 weeks I'll be the proud owner of a piece of Apple equipment :-D . I've turned to the dark side ;-D

Oh i forgot to add this... I called Apple on the morning of the 20th, the person I talked to told me that "it looks like your G5 will ship today." I called to ask if they were again going to push back the shipment. I guess "it looks like it" and "it is" are polar opposites. Because it obviously did not ship.

To answer your question Dave, yes I will wait, as long as I have to. Hell if it is much longer I will not have to pay for that Tiger upgrade. I will wait because a) if I buy the G5 separately, AppleCare does not cover the 23" Display (which is pathetic IMO, don't get me started) and b) I have a perfectly usable 1 Ghz PowerBook that is just getting too slow for my tastes. and then there is 3) I payed cash for this (cashiers check). but it really comes down to reason 1.

Oh and BTW, if you buy a G5 and 2 Cinema Displays, only ONE will be covered under AppleCare, and you CAN NOT get AppleCare on the other display. Also, AppleCare uses the hardware's serial number. So you cannot just get the one monitor fixed that might have issues. You have to register the serial number of one of the displays. The only way to get AppleCare on that second Cinema Display is to buy a Mac. You cannot buy JUST a Cinema Display and get AppleCare for it. You must buy a Mac as well. That is a crock of s--- if you ask me.

Apple does come up with a lot of designs for their systems. They make their own motherboards, etc. This is one reason I like Apple, BTW. The G5 iMac is rumored to have a different design. But I do not think the hold up is the design or fabrication of the Apple made pieces and parts. I think it is truly the poor yield rates everyone is having with the 90 nm chips.

And Neil, its FROM the Dark Side, you are coming from the Dark Side. Congratulations. What are you getting? Hopefully more then just an AirPort Express.

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