The Moron and the Advertisement

Dear Collette Clairmont, You madam, are an idiot. Not just a normal idiot of course. No, you're a special kind of idiot: The type of idiot who shelters their children from everything in the world, causing them to have nightmares about the Pillsbury Doughboy at age 33. You're the type of idiot who seeks national exposure to get into the spotlight through absurd circumstances. Of course, you choose video games since you don't have the smarts to find another way to do it. Let's make this perfectly clear from the start. You have done the brave task of protecting your young child from a piece of plastic on the side of a bus. Real brave act. Someone, please give this women a medal! Instead of the taking the proper action a real parent would have and quickly teach your children early on about the differences between reality and fantasy, you made your ridiculous stand. You have managed to stretch the truth and indicated a form of the advertisement shows the character holding a gun (which of course he doesn't). Either you are horribly confused, or just used this to falsely enhance your claim. You have stated that this is sending the wrong message to kids; you won't allow them to have a butter knife. Good for you! It's about time you did something right. However, I highly doubt a 4-year old will get the idea to carry a machete around his neighborhood during playtime from the side of a bus. No, ideas like that come from years of bad parenting, kind of like yours actually. Let me ask you this: If your child comes to you one day and said he's scared of using the potty because "there are monsters in there," will you let him use diapers the rest of his life? No normal parent would. I'm beginning to believe you are the polar opposite. Last time I checked, kids who are treated like this end up stuffing dead people in their freezers. That's how THEY make the news....just like mommy! See, you wonder why kids end up in jail these days. It's not because of an advertisement on the side of a bus. It's because of you. They grow up watching Looney Tunes and one day decide to throw their friend Johnny over a cliff, thinking he'll spring back like that coyote they seen on TV. Hey, you failed miserably; never telling them it wasn't real. Why would he think otherwise? You madam, are the perfect example of why this society is slowly crumbling, not the ad. Thank you, Matt Paprocki

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Awesome, I wish I wrote this. :-D


Your ignorant.

Wow, thank you. I love when people give me such well though out comments that fully explain their position. Yours has to be one of the best I've ever read. Thanks Aaron!

*end sarcasm*

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