Top 11 Good Things About Being Named Version 2.0

11. You can’t be blamed for your predecessor’s problems 10. At least your name isn’t Microsoft (or is that Mike Rowe Soft?) 9. No need to be compatible with Version 1.x 8. None of the pressure to perform like younger sibling, the upcoming Version 3.0 7. Can get away with more, as 1.0 release are always more trouble 6. Easy name change after plastic surgery or other life-altering events 5. No bugs, just untested and undocumented features 4. Way better than being name “286” 3. Always first in line at school—even ahead of kids whose last names start with “A” 2. No need to make a first impression—people already know something about you 1. Can use the phrase “new and improved” on your resume Thanks Max for this funny!

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