6 More GMail Invites to give away (again)

First come, first served. Post a comment. The first 6 will get accounts. Good luck!

Just put your email in the email field. Don’t put it in the comment body as MT only spam protects emails in the email field.

I will close comments after I have 6 requests.

Only 4 more left!

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Double posting gets you no where fast. Also, I will not be giving out GMail invites to people who HAVE a GMail account already! Doh!


Could it be? Finally, I'm not late? PLEASE, send me that invite!

PS. Don't know who did the "Fun with Google Searches" back in July, but it's how I found this site. Great Stuff. Like the mouse scroll too.

Like the mouse scroll too.


I have got quite a lot of traffic because of that Google post :)

Dave Goldblatt:

If it's still available (since gmail seems to be the meme de jour).. thanks..


Still one available???

One for me?????

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