9 steps to a quicker MT3.1x installation

Neil has put together a pretty good check list of things to help with the new MT 3.1x install:

So now that I’ve upgraded I can fill you in on what you should do to make MT 3.1x work fast. I’ve covered some aspects in other entries but I’m repeating them here for the sake of completeness.

On a related note, MT is now using Smarty for both dynamic publishing and caching. Pretty cool. I am glad I did not bail for WordPress when MT 3.0 was released. Reason being I have been using Smarty for bgnews.com for years now as a Digital Partners member. I am very interested how the integration of Smarty into MT will work.

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The Smarty integration is a little clunky but it mostly works, and it means that creating dynamic templates is as easy as static ones. Certainly it's easier than Wordpress :-D

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