Dreamweaver MX 2004 FTP upload slow as molasses in January

I have had it up to here with Dreamweaver's FTP upload. This was brought back to my attention today as I was updating the Print Materials page on the Robin For Congress Web site today.

The FTP upload in Dreamweaver only has one saving grace. When I save a document, it will upload it to the server automagicly. Since I was in DW and did not feel like opening Fetch, I decided to upload the 3 PDF files. That was a bad idea. I forgot how bad DW's FTP upload was.

So I uploaded these 3 PDF files in Fetch just to see the time difference. There is a big difference. I am not supprised. It took almost half the time to upload in Fetch.

I have used DW since version 1.2. I have never been happy with the FTP upload feature in DW. You would think that at version 7.0.1 they would have made the FTP faster.

Macromedia, are you listening? It is so slow I would go as far as saying unacceptable. The only reason I except it is because of convenience. And no I am not just talking about uploading PDF files. If I upload a folder full of HTML files in Fetch, it takes the fraction of the time that it does in DW.

I am not impressed Macromedia.

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