Firefox drawing fans away from Microsoft IE

Open-source browsers Mozilla and Firefox have won over a significant number of defectors from Microsoft's Internet Explorer in the past nine months, Web site metrics suggest...

Source: C|Net

Firefox rules and Internet Explorer drools!

Sorry, couldn't resist.

I am sure the statistics that are taken more accurately reflect the Windows using world (as I am pretty sure Safari outweighs that of Moz based browsers on the Mac). And quite frankly I am pleased with those percentages (read the linked article). I really hope more people start using Firefox over Internet Exploder.

I have converted WinIE using people to Firefox, and you can too! Fight the good fight people, yea, or something like that.


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Comments (2)

I think "Firefox rocks and IE drops" would be more accurate :) . Safari is a good browser and the fact it has people like Dave Hyatt developing it means that it won't suck.


Now, if you can only convince people to stop writting web programs that only work in IE!

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