iMac: The Missing Memory

By Dan Frakes ...Adding 256MB of RAM to an iMac G5 -- resulting in a total of 512MB -- would cost you or me $40-$50 at today's retail prices, which means Apple would most likely pay $30-$40 (or less?) for the same upgrade. That's a small investment that would result in significant gains for the consumer. Even if Apple couldn't afford to reduce their per-unit profit by $30 and had to raise the price of the iMac $30, I think such a move would be worth it. How many iMac buyers would balk at an extra $30? And any competent reviewer would praise Apple for not taking the low-RAM route. A few price-obsessed "analysts" might object, but I think most would see the value in such a move... Source: Editors' Notes Weblog I don't get the 256 MB of RAM in the new iMac G5 either. Especially the top of the line iMac G5, it too comes with 256 MB of RAM as the stock config. Not only that, but Apple asks $75 to double the RAM to 512 MB! Crucial sells 256 MB for $46.99 and as low as $26.97 found on I think Apple could have done better on the RAM front on this new amazing iMac G5. People who are not Mac geeks do not know OS X really needs 512 MB or more RAM to really shine. The same thing is true about Windows XP, by the way. I must say the best feature of this new iMac G5 is the user installable parts that this iMac G5 puts at the end users fingertips. If you have ever ripped the cover off of a Rev. A iMac to replace anything in it knows how nice these user installable parts in the iMac G5 are. Even installing RAM in the Rev. A iMac was hell.

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