iTunes is renaming my Artist Name field

This is really annoying the _bleep_ out of me.

I have decided since there is no separate fields for last name and first name that I am renaming all my music with Last Name, First Name in the Artist field. After all, this makes it easy to jockey the collection of music on my iPod.

I recently did this to my entire Jimmy Buffett collection (my sincerest condolences to those who are not Buffett fans, but lets focus people). Now when I double click on a Buffett tune in iTunes, it magically changes it back to "Jimmy Buffett" and therefor it vanishes from the listing for the author listing I am looking at. Once more when I click that handy dandy arrow icon next to the Artist and Album names, it also rewrites the Artist field to "Jimmy Buffett."

I renamed the Artist field to "Buffett, Jimmy" for a reason (as described above), and I have no clue why iTunes would be reverting the Artist field.

Does anyone have a clue as to why? This is quite frustrating.

It must have been a permissions error, my most favoritist and most common error and pain in the arese in OS X. I believe the permissions error came from when I copied my entire library from an external firewire drive to on of my internal drives in my G5. Firewire drives and permissions is one of those huge security problems with Mac OS X. So I am not that suprised here. My files had the user/group set to meancode/meancode, even though there is no "meancode" group. I set the group back to "admin" of which I am a part of, and now things work. Thanks to Bruce at Apple DIscussions for the suggestion.

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Rana Ian:

Ken & All,

On a Windows Box Using iTunes

Phantom re-renaming problems were occuring after I would rename an album or genre. I'd click play on the newly named track and iTunes would mysteriously undo the album and genre changes. What fixed the phantom renaming was the "Convert ID3 Tags..." function. Just about all the tracks in this collection were encodded by other applications. Who knows what various ID3 versions were being used. Although you might think iTunes could deal with disparate ID3 tags without error, converting all my tracks to ID3 2.4 has resolved the error. Thought you might like to know.



Converting my ID3 tags never crossed my mind. Thanks Rana!

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