POPFile acting weird; SpamSieve installed

I have been a long time supporter of POPFile, as it is a very good - free - software. Last week a problem began that I do not understand. All of a sudden I could not send mail when I had my incoming mail going through the POPFile proxy server. I do not understand it at all. When I switch my account settings to use my remote mail server it all works. I can send mail again. I have emailed for help, but have got no response. That is what you get for free, open source software.

I could upgrade to v0.22.0 but that would be a lot of work. So why do it?

I am evaluating SpamSieve and will pony up the $25 for this great software. I have had many of my clients buy SpamSieve for one reason: simplicity. Well that and it just works.

Since POPFile has gone awry I need some kind of SPAM filtering. SpamSieve fits that bill very well.

I am getting used to the SpamSieve interface. Right now I still prefer the web based UI of POPFile, but with time I am sure I will grow to like the SpamSieve UI. I can sure get used to classifying emails from within Entourage and not going to a web page to do that.

So far there are no false positives, but 115 false negatives. I can live with the false negatives, but I grew very used to not having to classify those. No false positives is great, and in time I will be able to just delete my "Spam" folder without having to look through it.

So after a couple days SpamSieve has performed as I figured it would. I am sure Michael Tsai would be happy. And he is someone that I know I can get ahold of if something goes awry. But that is what you get for paying for software.


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Ken--Try SPAMBias...very nice FREE SPAM filter. I too have some problems of recent with POPFile, but I think it was more my Outlook add-in so I didn't have to go to the web interface.

AFAIK, Mike, that is Windows software. And I will never buy another PC again (to get work done on).

Its SpamBayes, and it appears to by written in Python. So I am sure it could work in OS X no problems whatsoever. Its the same thing POPFile is, but not written in Perl.

Ill stick with SpamSieve.


yeah, sorry Ken. Wasn't thinking about the spelling of the software. However, it does work in 10.3, provided you have the python compiler installed, part of the installation anyway. Very similar to PopFile, but it also has already established SPAM filters unlike POPFile. Although it is quite fun to see what Outlook 2003 classifies as SPAM and what POPFile or SpamBayes classify as SPAM...you would think they would be the same, but I have found that Outlook catches somethings that neither filter pick up, and vice-verca

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