Sony to support MP3 music files

Sony said today that is working to add native MP3 support to its portable music players. "The shift from reliance on its proprietary Atrac format will begin with flash memory-based players, but plans are still being finalized on how and when products will add MP3 support," reports CNET "Sony is revisiting its MP3 strategy at a time when competition in the digital music market is heating up--and threatening to leave the company behind. The surprise move could portend a major strategy reversal for the consumer electronics giant, with important ramifications for the fledgling online music market."

Source: C|Net via MacMinute

Holy Toledo Batman! Sony is going to embrace a standard! This is unheard of.

Call me when I can play a MP3 on that new 20 GB HD model, you know the NW-HD1 Such a catchy name isn't it?

I am really floored though. I thought I would never see the day that Sony would use a standard format.

They will never catch the iPod, but its fun to watch them try. Maybe Sony should pull a HP and just license the real deal.

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