South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut DVD Review

How could a group of four grade school children begin the apocalypse? Does it matter when that group consists of Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Eric? Released from the constraints of cable TV, "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone let loose in an attempt to offend every single person in the modern world.... and come out with one of the funniest movies of all time.

It's the day the new Terrance & Phillip movie premieres in theaters across South Park. Employing the services of a local street bum, the fateful four manages to view the R-rated film. Now fueled with a larger vocabulary, the kids take their new favorite phrases to the real world, but get grounded. Infuriated by what the two Canadian actors have done to their children, parents from every corner of South Park begin a campaign to end their reign and start World War III with our northern neighbor in the process. It's up to the small band of kids (minus Kenny who's heart was replaced by a baked potato during a botched surgery) to rescue Terrance and his pal Phillip before Satan and Sadaam Hussein take over the world (don't ask).

There isn't a single movie in existence that is more offensive than this one. Celebrities, religions, foreign countries, and even the series itself takes the brunt of a joke at some point. Die-hard fans will obviously get the most from the film that is filled with countless in jokes. Oh, I almost forgot. It's also musical.

Though the main focus is on the parents fight against Canada, numerous sub-plots allow for the offensive material to shine through. Stan has his hands full trying to find a certain part of the female anatomy, Kyle must face his fears while confronting his over-protective mother, Kenny has to convince Satan that Sadaam (who is involved with the evil overlord in a "loving" manner) is evil, and Cartman is stuck with a shocking V-Chip implanted into his brain.

All of this comes together in the end for a completely unexplainable ending that you just have to see in order to truly comprehend it. The film only loses momentum for a few moments leading up to the finale. Otherwise, there isn't a single scene in this movie that won't send you into a fit of laughter. Sure, it could be the shock factor, but that does eventually wear off and the comedy still works, a sure sign of a winner.

"South Park" held the record for the most pervasive use of language in the history of cinema. I can't say for sure if it still holds up today, but it would hardly be surprising if that stat has yet to change. If you find yourself offended by anything in this movie, that's entirely your fault. You should have known better before watching it. If you know you can handle it, there's no reason not to have this one on the shelf. (**** out of *****)

Available only in 1.85:1 widescreen, this movie looks amazing on DVD. There are some minor issues including some noticeable compression and color bleeding, but these hardly mar this amazing transfer. If it wasn't for some scratches on the print, this could very well have been a direct transfer from the original source. Everything is crystal clear, edges are sharp, and you'll never see colors stronger than this. If you have only seen the TV show on DVD, you really haven't seen how good "South Park" can look. (****)

Though not overwhelming, the 5.1 mix included here kicks in when it has a chance. Kenny's first decent into hell is just awesome, filled with deep bass and superb use of both surround channels. Likewise, the finale featuring an all-out war is just as strong. Musical numbers use the sound field well and people giving speeches over PA systems have an excellent echo effect. (****)

Besides three trailers included as extras, fans are left out in the cold. It's hard to believe supplemental material is not available. Matt and Trey are all over the season DVD box sets, so what happened here? (No stars)

This is a film that really needs to be watched a few times to really catch everything. That should hardly be a problem with its length, running at a brisk 80-minutes. Just be positive your kids are in another state. You wouldn't want to warp their fragile little minds now would you?

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