Study: Life without Net is unbearable

Researchers investigating how people would react to not having Internet access got off to a rough start. "It was incredibly difficult to recruit participants as people weren't willing to be without the Internet for two weeks," said Wenda Harris Millard, chief sales officer of Yahoo, and a sponsor of the study. Half of the participants said they could not go without the Internet for more than two weeks, while others found it more difficult than expected, and in some cases impossible, the researchers reported.

Source: CBS MarketWatch via MacMinute

I don't think I would have a mail server left or a host that would like me if I went two weeks without checking my spam-mail!

I think I would go insane with no Net access. Would you?

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What a horrible, horrible thought. *shudder


Hmm, I think I would be out of a job. :(

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