Top 11 Ways to Reduce IT Spending

11. Outsource your web hosting to 10. Start a “Network Admin” college extension course and let the student pay you to run the network 9. Set all the desktops to auto-logon and voila! No more wasted time resetting passwords 8. Change disaster-recovery plan from remote hot site to “focused prayer” 7. Adopt coin-operated meters for desks, chairs and monitors—throw in the computer for free as an inducement 6. Save paper—tell everyone the company’s standard font size is now 6 points 5. Declare your network “secure enough,” and stop all patch-management practices 4. Lower your service level from five nines to five eights 3. Employ new desktop—sharing plan: one pair of monitors, keyboards, and mice per PC 2. Redefine the “P” in PC to mean “personally maintained” 1. “You may have noticed that your titles have all changed to Intern…” Thanks to Max for this funny list!

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