Vending machine outrage at BGSU

I tell you, if I did not work for The BG News, I would have written a Letter to the Editor on this very subject already.

At BGSU it used to cost $1.00 for a 20 oz. pop, water, Snapple, etc, etc. This summer they changed it to $1.25! Everything else got a healthy price bump. Chips that cost 50¢ now cost 75¢ or 80¢. Candy bars made the same jump in price that chips did.

Granted this is not the most heathy food, but its convenient and its right around the corner of my office when I need some caffeine or some quick nourishment.

But we are all slaves to the man, we pony up the extra 25¢  for a Dr. Pepper when we need it. Incedently if you walk your lazy but to any of the Dining Services mess halls you only pay $1.15, which is still an outrageous price if you ask me.

You would think I would be smart and just put a 12 pack (of Dr. Pepper) in the fridge at work.

I would really like to find out what the price hike is for, I am going to suggest this as a story idea to The News' staff.

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They don't make enough off the 5 tuition increases per year, duh.


You would think I would be smart and just put a 12 pack (of Dr. Pepper) in the fridge at work.

I never considered you the smart type ;-)

Meanwhile, I'm going out to my car and get another soda out of my trunk...

Funny, Jake. Real funny.

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