Welcome to the new Breaking Windows

Yes, I know, 2.0 is so very original. But then so is this template. I was getting tired with a lot of things about my old site template, but I will be bringing parts of it back, don't you worry. I updated to MT 3.11 on my 5 blogs and did not have a hiccup on any of them but the one I have customized the most - Breaking Windows.

Can't call method "id" on an undefined value at lib/MT.pm line 770.

That is the error I get when trying to rebuild. I spend a day trying to figure it out, and MT support, although very responsive, have not been able to give me an answer.

The easiest way is to start over. After all I now have TypeKey on my templates, and I didn't have to do a thing!

I will make small changes here and there, until then the site will be in a little bit of disarray. It is still readable, and everything is here. I imported everything.


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Comments (2)

Ooh, spiffyness. Quite liking a lighter look compared to the dark :)

You need to make an 88x31 button so I can add you to my links page ;)

Yes indeed. The first thing I wanted to go was the dark color. I will make an 88x31 tile once I figure out a color scheme ;)

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