You Control: iTunes puts control in OS X menu bar

You Software Inc. announced on Tuesday the availability of You Control: iTunes, a free download that places iTunes controls in the Mac OS X menu bar. Without leaving the current application, you can pause, play, rewind or skip songs, as well as control iTunes' volume and even browse your entire music library by album, artist or genre. Each time a new song plays, You Control: iTunes also pops up a window that displays the artist and song name and the album artwork, if it's in the library. Source: MacCentral. Rob tells me that Butler does this, but not as nice that is for sure. I highly recommend this little iTunes gizmo. And not just because it is free, but because it is very well done. Of course now I need to go add album art to my music library :)

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Synergy is also worth checking out. It isn't free but it has the nice feature of going and getting album art for you from amazon.

I checked out Synergy.

Its $5 and not that pretty.

Compared to You Control: iTunes it is inferior typographically, as well as the transition and overlay effects department. I can also set You Control to hide the overlay on click. Not so with Synergy.

The Amazon album art feature is nice. That is worth the cost of admission right there. I of course want the images inserted into the ID3 tags, but this will speed the process, I now do not have to search Amazon myself. That is a big help.

Thanks for the tip Luke!

Final Note: Synergy takes longer to display the album artwork, even when it is on the HD. I imagine this is because it is not in the ID3 tag.

Also images are downloaded even if iTunes has album art. Although it seems as though the album art is shown faster if the art is available in iTunes. So it checks and displays iTunes album art but still quarries Amazon and downloads an image.

I am also only getting about a 50% success rate for it grabbing the album art from Amazon. When I search Amazon I can find the album art.

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