Apple music event roundup

Below are the highlights from Apple's special music event with U2, which took place yesterday at the California Theater in San Jose, CA.

- Apple introduces iPod Photo
- Apple unveils U2 iPod
- Apple expands European iTMS; Canada in Nov.
- Apple to offer iPod Socks
- Apple releases iTunes 4.7; iTMS gets 'Artist Alerts'
- Apple launches iPod Store
- Jobs: 'Photos are the next big thing'

Source: MacMinute

Wow what a day! Mostly iPod news... a London Apple Store!

Those iPod socks look cool. I drink the Kool-Aid, I will probably buy those. And this new iPod + iPhoto thing! Take that HP. Yea. I am selling both of my iPods and buying an iPod Photo (odd name, don't you think?)

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If you're selling your iPods, what's your price? I'm looking to get one for my sister so she can use it on the subway in NYC.

The 30 gb one is already spoken for. and if i can find my 15 gb one (long story) i already have a buyer for that one. Sorry, you are a little late Mike.

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