BGSU Technology Fair

BGSU had its 4th annual Technology Fair today. I have gone each year, and this year seemed a little bigger, but only because it was in the Union Grand Ballroom this time and not in Olscamp Hall.

I got to see the new iMac G5 in person. I did not expect it to have think plexiglass like clear plastic around it like it does. I figured it would be more like the iBook finnish. But OK, its fine. The 17" they had on display was amazing. I thought it was the 20" model before I asked.

At the Staples booth I got a $10 off coupon, that will go to good use.

I do not think I have seen the Geek Squad booth before. Their brochure verbiage is very funny, very retro cop lingo. I saw their Bug in the Lot A parking lot. It is a white Bug with a black hood and trunk, and their logo really big on the drivers side door. They gave out a CD that has a Flash presentation on it, well done I might add, with info about them and even a space invaders like game to play. I have never heard of the Geek Squad before, but they are affiliated with Best Buy. Check out their web site for more on them.

The Technology Fair was better this year, as it was in a larger venue and not as crowded. Its always great to see friends in other technology related departments. Give-aways abound and the cookies were exquisite this year! A fun time all around.

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I miss those fairs. Glad to see it is still taking off on campus. There were many promising exhibits, and to hear that it's growing is excellent. It was an great networking tool for technology majors.

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