George W. Bushisms DVD Review

Everyone has the occasional slip of the tongue. We've all screwed up a word once in a while, likely making ourselves look stupid in the process. But, when you screw up enough to fill four books and an hour long DVD, you should probably start thinking before you speak. Now we can relive the current presidents worst (or best depending on your point of view) moments on DVD thanks to the fine people over at "George W. Bushims."

Based on a series of books with the same title, this is a collection of video and audio clips from the current commander in chief at his very worst. Along for the ride is Brian Unger, providing commentary between segments. The editor of this series, Jacob Weisberg, and political analyst Al Franken also get a few select quips in as well. Rounding out the disc are some "Doonesbury" comics pertaining to the subject matter and music videos from the George W. Bush Singers.

This 61-minute presentation is split into various sections ranging from Bush's comments on American families to words he managed to create in his own mind, making up the "George Bush Dictionary" as he goes. Every clip is preceded by the date and place it was said just in case you want to fact check. Each is also followed by a text version to make sure you heard it right (which is very convenient at times since some of these are just unbelievable).

To keep the running time just a minute over the hour mark, the producers do stretch the subject a bit thin. The "Doonsebury" comics can be very hard to read on a standard TV due to flickering (the resolution and refresh rate on a HDTV makes it more bearable) and they seem to stay on screen for far too long. DVD players are equipped with a pause button for this very purpose.

The George W. Bush singers are by far the worst part of the disc, stretching a funny quote into a 5-minute musical performance... four times. They may be mildly amusing at first, but you'll be looking to fast-forward every one of their music videos after that. They should have been cut. Were here to see the president look stupid, not some people we don't know.

The commentators on the other hand, especially Brian Unger, are priceless. Their reactions to the quotes are not only funny, but give the viewer a moment to breathe. They even try to analyze what Bush has just said, though at times the effort is useless. No one could possibly figure out what was going through his mind at that precise moment (if anything).

Even if you own every book in this series, actually listening to these quotes is far more entertaining than reading them. You can almost see the president trying to find the proper words in his mind up until the moment he completely falls apart or creates a new word to find a way out. Even more entertaining are the supporters who cheer him on after some of his most ridiculous statements. You really have to wonder if they were listening.

This is a great collection of clips, though if a follow-up should be produced, please, get rid of the singers. They're not funny. Otherwise, this disc comes out at (obviously) the right time and a great price. Even a Bush supporter with a sense of humor should be able to find some entertainment here. You don't need to have an interest in politics to have a great time either. I just proved that.

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