Jerry Springer, Robin Weirauch at the BGSU Union

This past Wednesday. Jerry Springer, Robin Weirauch, and Nathan Nickens spoke at the Union. Jerry Springer is, in my opinion, a very good speaker. His speech and question/answer session were great, I thought. You can read more about the rally in The BG News article "Springer motivates democrats."

My buddy Mike was their for the Sentinel-Tribune taking photos, though that did not even help in getting a picture of me and Jerry Springer. I got a handshake and an autograph.

It was great to finally meet Robin Weirauch's campaign staff. So far they had only know me as "the guy who does the web site," and now we can both put faces to names, which is always nice.

Afterwards I stayed to watch the 3rd presidential debate. They had it projected on a huge screen. This was great as I had been busy during the other debates. Watching it with a bunch of college Dems in the room also proved to be entertaining.

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