Kerry blows the second debate

In honor of the baseball playoffs, I've borrowed the metaphor of a ninth-inning rally to describe the Democrats' October comeback. In the first presidential debate, John Kerry got the lead-off hit. In the vice-presidential encounter Tuesday night, John Edwards singled him to third. I guess they substituted a pinch runner (that's the problem with metaphors), because tonight Kerry was back at the plate. It was a long at-bat, with lots of hanging sliders thrown by President Bush. Kerry fouled off a few, whiffed a couple, and struck out looking.

Source: Slate

I haven't had the time to watch the debates. They first two fell on days when I had to study for tests that were the next day. So I have been looking for commentary on the debate. But I want to hear it...

Not to fret, I have my trusty iPod. Apple has put the debates up on the iTMS for free, which is something I am sure many people are taking advantage of. I know I am. They did the same thing for the DNC and RNC as well, by the way.

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You can also get them from various sites via BitTorrent, without DRM, of course. One of the BBC channels, which about half the population of the UK has, was repeating the debates every evening for a week afterwards.

about 30 minutes into the debate, during the 4th question, Charles Gibson was going to ask Bush a 30 second follow up question. However, Bush had other plans and repeatidly interrupted Mr. Gibson and finally just ignored him to address the audiance about Bush's feable alliance in Iraq. Not forgetting Poland even though they will be pulling out by the end of next year.

At that moment, Kerry won the debate. I don't care if you are God, you don't interrupt and finally ignore a moderator. It's rude and, in my mind, totally improper!

Kerry lost a few points later when he start stumbling on some answers, but compared to Bush, he was still way ahead.

The article you linked to didn't seem to mention this point at all. You may want to check out "The Daily KOS" sometime for a left sided view of things. Just incase you are seeing only right sided views so far. :)

I just googled the site, thanks Dave.

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