Mozilla/Firefox Web Developer Extension

Thanks to Rob for making this a Pick of the Week at I have never heard of it, but I think I will have Firefox open a lot more because of it.

Be sure to look at the detailed list of features, and download this very handy extension today!

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You didn't know about this thing? Man, it's very handy. It, along with the BugMeNot extension, the Download Manager Tweak extension, and the googlebar extension, are on my short list of installed extensions in Firefox.

Well, see, I use a much more powerful web browser (OmniWeb) so I do not open Firefox or Mozilla that much these days. I don't even have a real need to open Safari any more since the latest beta of OmniWeb 5.1 can handle GMail.

In fact, i am sure I will not use this Firefox extension that much. Firefox just isn't as nice to use as OmniWeb is.

If i was a hard core Firefox user, i am sure I would have discovered this great extension earlier.

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