New design about to go live for

I cannot wait to get this new design live for There are a few more small things to fix up. I need to attend to the CSS for the Classifieds module.

If you are wondering why images on the home page have a blue cast to them, take a look at our current/old design. This design has grown long in the tooth as it is two years old now. I do not know which I hate more, the blue background or the outdated spaghetti table based design.

When the new design goes live the home page images will fill the entire width of the column too, so we will have nice looking dominant art on the home page.

About six months ago, maybe less, Digital Partners asked me if I could develop some new templates for the DP network. I surely didn't have the time. Greg Burghardt from CM-Life sure had the time, and he has done a wonderful job.

I have not had the time to devote to it, but have wanting to redo the design for a while, and with all the styles that Greg put together, it was easy to choose. I am usually not for the cookie cutter designs, so of course I wanted the shell of one and the innerds of another, and a tweak here and there, but this is what we finally came up with. And I am happy with it.

I have leaned enough about SMARTY that I can modify a lot of this template stuff myself. Though I must say that Greg has been most helpful over the last few weeks in answering my questions.

Be sure to take a look at the other designs he put together for the DP network. Our site is a combination of Layouts 1 and 4.

Like I said, there is still some work to do, but its almost done. I do not want to make it live yet mainly because of the way the Classifieds section looks. But there are some other small details.

The best part of the new design in my opinion, other then the standards compliance and CSS layout, is that I can finally prominently show the RSS feed that I worked so hard on creating.

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