QuarkXPress 6.5 offers PSD Import, more

Quark Inc. on Tuesday introduced QuarkXPress 6.5, a new version of their flagship desktop publishing software. New features have been added including the QuarkVista image editing plug-in, native multi-layer Photoshop file import and layer editing and an upgrade to the QuarkXClusive XTensions module used for variable data publishing that's available only to Mac OS X users.

Source: MacCentral

I am mildly impressed that Quark is offering 6.5 free of charge to 6.0 owners. It is more like them to charge us another $700 for the upgrade. This means we will get it. So I will have to take it for a spin once I get it installed. Although I must say the amount of Quark jobs we get at Student Publications is very few and far between these days. Which is a good thing.

So quark can now handle PSD files! And they could not even do it themselves! They had to get the (wonderful) plugin developer A Lowly Apprentice Productions to do the work.

Lets see, InDesign has done PSD files since what, version 1? I do not know what the numbers are like, but from people I have talked to in the various print industries, Quark is looking the stronghold.

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Hell, Pagemaker's been able to import PSDs since version 6. Whoopty frickin' do. Welcome to the party, Quark.

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