Release of Virtual PC 7 marred by RAM problem

Microsoft has finally released Virtual PC 7 (outside of the Office 2004 Pro package) but there is a problem. There is always a problem with MS software, isn't there? If you have more then 2 GB of RAM installed, you cannot run VPC7. MS finally confirmed this fact, and has a fix "expected within the coming weeks." I am not holding my breath.

When the G5 supports up to 8 GB of RAM, why on earth would you not test your software with a full 8 GB of RAM? Doesn't common sense tell you to test all known possible configurations, especially when the big new feature of VPC 7 is support for the G5. It just seems like a rather large thing to overlook. But thats just me, I don't work at the Mac BU.

I have 3 GB of RAM in my G5 and I am not about to take 1 GB out just to run VPC 7. I have grown very fond of having 3 GB of RAM to use, and have just a ton of applications open at once. I await this fix to the RAM problem, then MS can have my money.

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I'm safe, I only have 2GB in my G4 :P

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