The price of coffee at BGSU

The price of coffee at BGSU is outrageously high. I am not at all surprised by this, but I am disturbed by it and think someone needs to do some re-thinking at Dining Services. The reason I am not surprised is because (almost) every food item at BGSU seems too high. On a slightly related topic, one which does not bother me anymore as I no longer live on campus, but the University grocery stores could have some competitive prices to say Kroger.

And that leads me to my morning coffee. After Art History I walk over to Chilly's Express, one of the two on-campus grocery stores. To get a small coffee it costs me $1.25. In years past I would go over to the Business Administration (BA) building and get a cup of coffee there, but they have not been open until this week.

Café BA, as they call themselves (CBA, for short) sells coffee for 85¢  a cup. Not only is it the same sized cup, but it is the same coffee, Grounds for Though, which is a coffee shop downtown. CBA does not take your Bursar card though. But it is 40¢  cheaper! The folks at CBA tell me they will offer Bursar charging soon, that will help their bottom line.

CBA offers a nice incentive to buy a donut or a bagel with your morning brew. For $1.50 you get your cut of coffee and a donut or bagel, AND a free cut of coffee if you redeem the coupon in the following week. Not a bad deal at all. The only Dining Services place to offer such a reward program is Carnation Café & Bakery at the Union. This happens only after you purchase a coffee and bagel five times.

Why does the University have to charge $1.25 for a small cup of coffee when I can walk less then a minute and get the same exact cup for 85¢ at the BA?

So kudos go out to the people that run the Café BA table at the BA. Thanks for selling your cheaper hot-flavored-water this semester.

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Dude, your coffee's cheap compared to ours. But then most of the coffee served on campus is 'Fairtrade' which is usually more expensive anyway due to the higher contributions to the families that grow the coffee beans.

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