Why the general public should not be allowed on the internet

Or.... why an IQ test should be required before starting a new website.

Or.... This kid is an idiot.

Or... My IQ just dropped 10 points after reading that.

Or... Why certain parents should not be allowed to have children.

Or.... Everything I learned about video games I learned from fan boy message boards.

Or.... Why AOL sucks #2,875,908,095

Or... Spellchecking gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Or... Why games like Spongebob the Movie become Greatest Hits.

Or... Who says the avaerage age of a gamer is going up?

Or... This is more entertaining than Breaking Windows.... seriously.


Thanks to Matt for the link, and oh what a funny read it is!

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ahhhhh......if I was having a bad day, reading why aol is the "bestes" ever really would have brightened my day.......lol

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