Creative 'declares war' on iPod

Creative Technology says it plans to shell out US$100 million (Yahoo! News) in marketing money next year in an effort to take on current MP3 King, iPod, reports Reuters. "The MP3 war has started and I am the one who has declared war," Creative Chief Executive Sim Wong Hoo told a media briefing in Singapore. "I'm planning to spend some serious money -- I intend to out-market everyone," he went on to say. Creative says it is targeting a 40 percent share of the global MP3 player market in 2005, and intends to spend most of the marketing money in the United States, followed by Europe and Asia.
Source: MacMinute

Well they do have a fairly ugly 5 GB iPod clone out now, who's to say they can't capture 40% of the market? I am, for one! Creative will never best the Apple iPod juggernaut.

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