Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

UPDATE: Unless you were vistiting between 1 AM and 4 AM you noticed this site looked pretty messed up. I got all the posts back, and all of the comments up until November 11, 2004. Sorry Mike, Matt, and Chris. Our very colorful conversations about Halo 2 are lost forever. The GTA ones are still there though!

For those who are saying "What?" Here is the answer: I really made a big mistake. It was a stupid mistake, it is a mistake I have made in the past, twice I think. The previous times were not as devastating though.

I made a backup of my DB on November 11th, and thank the Lord that I use ecto to post and had the posts from the 11th to today on my HD. Otherwise this blog would have started over from scratch today, November 21st, 2004. My host does weekly backups but the cron job apparently did not work correctly so they were of no help. I am just glad I made a backup of the DB on the 11th. I should have done it Friday too, I let it go.

I'll get into my stupidity after I have had some sleep. Yes I said I will explain my stupidity. Two reasons here: Poor UI design by Six Apart on the MT Search page, and as a learning lesson for all you people out there in bloggin' land.

Now, as I just avoided a major catastrophe of Breaking Windows, I need sleep.

Major. Problem. All is lost.

I will try and bring everything back, but I cannot promise everything


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