In Canada, Bush Distant Second To Kerry

Many Canadian adults want John Kerry to become the next president of the United States, according to a poll by CROP published in La Presse. 60 per cent of respondents want the Democratic nominee to win the Nov. 2 election, while 20 per cent would choose Republican incumbent George W. Bush.
Source: Centre for Public Opinion & Democracy

Should Canada get some Electoral Votes? They would take them if they had the chance. How about the UK? How about the World? (BBC News)

Why does the world at large not like Bush?

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It's quite obvious isn't it?

Most of the world doesn't like Bush's reaction to the terrorist attack on Spetember 11, 2001. They stood with him to find and destroy those responsible, but stopped short of going along for the ride when he attacked Iraq. You see, most of the world doesn't really like the whole idea of pre-emptive war. It sounds a lot like Hitler needing more room in 1938. It sounds like empire building. It sounds like "do things our way or we will destroy you."

By playing the bully, Bush has alienated several of our traditional allies. Tony Blair has a snowball's chance in hell of returning as Prime Minister specifically because he allied himself and his country with Bush.

Bush is not a statesman nor a very good diplomat. He does not seem to understand international law and disagrees with it when it suits his purposes. The world at large doesn't like that very much either. However, he does have Colin Powell as Secretary of State and he is a fairly decent statesman and diplomat. Unfortuntely, Bush doesn't listen to Powell. In fact, Bush doesn't seem to want to listen to ANY opposing viewpoints.

Iraq is his Vietnam. It isn't a straight comparison - no war ever is - but I don't think its going to get any better in four years and it will be up to the next admininstration to get us out.

I fear that because of Bush's strategy in the Middle East there will be an atomic bomb explosion within the borders of the United States. Will that trigger a response? I don't know.

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