My Keys: Lost & Found

When it rains it pours, doesn't it?

Today I parked out in the College Park lot, a nice 5 minute walk from West hall. Today walking back to my car from West Hall, I lost my keys. They were on my belt loop as usual, and I did not hear or feel them come off my belt loop. I did not hear it because I was listing to my iPod. You would think I would have felt it, they weigh a ton.

I get to my car, reach for my keys, and my stomach sinks! You know the feeling you get when you loose your wallet? Its so much worse when you loose your keys.

Thats a long walk to backtrack from College Park to West Hall! I call the BGSU Police and a very helpful officer helps me look with his Mag Light. It did not take 2 minutes to find my keys, thank God. They could have dropped anywhere. They choose to drop next to the sidewalk in plain sight.


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