Optimized Firefox for the G5 and G4 7450

We all know that Firefox 1.0 is out, if you don't know already, I feel sorry for you. My grandma knows Firefox 1.0 is out. No, seriously, it was on CNN.

Now if you are one of those lucky folks to have a G5, go thank Neil Lee for compiling a G5 optimized build of 1.0. I know, I know, Firefox is already screaming fast on your G5. I know, it screams on my G5 too. Just go download it and see for yourself. It especially kicks the "normal" Firefox 1.0 when you start browsing multiple tabs at once. And who doesn't do that these days anyway?

Also, if you have a newer G4, an iBook or a PowerBook G4, check this G4 optimized build out.

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