QuarkXPress 6.5 known issues

I give Quark some credit for posting the known issues of their new release. But I have to dock them for delaying the biggest new feature in 6.5 (Photoshop Import plug-in not) until the first quarter of 2005. Way to go Quark! I also ask you Quark, why did you have to enlist ALAP to make the plugin? Can't you make software anymore. Oh, wait. Don't answer that.

Some of the biggest problems I see in Quark 6.5 are:

Mac OS only: Attempting to open a project (located on a network volume) from the File List area (File menu or Open submenu) displays “File not found [-43].” Click OK in the alert to display the Open dialog box.

This is a major problem in Quark 4, 6, 6.1 and now we are at Quark 6.5 and still the problem exists.

More problems with fonts MacFixIt reader Tom Ernst reports continuing issues with some typefaces in the new release of QuarkXpress:

"I installed the 6.5 upgrade today and Quark still seems to suffer from not being able to recognize certain fonts that every other running application can see. Very disappointing--this bug has forced me to retreat to v4 for several jobs in the past couple months."

Source: MacFixIt

Quark is still not addressing a very old and still persistent font issue. Just another bug I cannot believe still exists in Quark 6.5. It doesn't help matters that Quark is not mentioning it as an "official" known issue. Have you tried using Zaph Dingbats in Quark lately? I guess they have not.

I would like to see some stats on the alleged mass exodus from Quark to InDesign. Is there really a large percentage of people moving to InDesign?

I know I am very glad I moved The BG News to InDesign this past summer. The students absolutely love InDesign. The administration is happy that we went to InDesign. It has been a very good thing. The sad thing is that we upgraded for Quark 6 before we woke up and jumped ship to InDesign CS. You live, you learn.

Since we do have licenses to Quark I will be installing 6.5 and await to see how this Photoshop plug-in works. Seeing that is has been developed by ASAP, a very fine plug-in developer, I imagine it will be quite good.

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