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After weeks of rumors that hinted at a more colorful iPod, Apple turned conjecture into cold hard fact by unwrapping the iPod Photo—the first of its portable music players to offer a color screen and the ability to display digital pictures and album art. Available in two configurations—a $500 40GB model and a $600 60GB version—these new iPods feature not only new graphic capabilities, but increased playtime and the power to project video to a television via a composite- or S-video cable.
Source: Playlist Magazine

Christopher Breen has a pretty good review of the new iPod Photo. It doesn't go as far as I would like it though. But please read Breen's review for a more thorough overview. I am just going to get to the highlights.

I ordered my iPod Photo (from here on referred to as iPP) on October 27th, and I received it November 2nd. No John Kerry in Office, but I got my iPP!

I was not expecting to get it until Nov. 4, the FexEd shipping page lied. I was quite happy about the shipping time, considering that this is a new product from Apple. We all know how long new products from Apple can take to get into the hands of the masses. I have had some time to use the new iPP and I am very impressed.

Thanks to Todd at CTLT, we have confirmed that the 4G iSkin evo 2 cases fit the slightly thicker iPP. It is a little bit of a stretch, but it works for sure. I have already ordered mine.

I snapped some pics of my new iPP, be sure to check them out.

The new font that it uses, Myriad over Chicago, makes a huge difference. Looking at the 4G next to the iPP is a big difference just in screen readability because of the font change. Maybe a firmware update for the 4G can bring Myriad to the older iPods. I did do some looking though, and I found this: Chicago is a 1-bit font, the monochrome screens are 1-bit. Myriad is not a 1-bit font, and neither is the new color screen of the iPP.

The new color screen of the iPP is very crisp. I cringe at the 4G iPod screen now. The new color iPod OS is very Aqua, really nice. The screen refresh rate is much better with the color screen.

The backlight of the iPP works great indoors and is very readable outdoors as well.

I like album art more and more the more I use it. Its just great to see the album art on the iPod.

I am also growing more and more in love with having my iPhoto libraries on my iPod.

Now the real reason I bought this was the 60 GB of storage. The storage and the crisp color screen were enough new features for me. The iPhoto and album art support are just icing on the case. They are more then just gimmicks, they really are great feature additions to the iPod.

Expensive? Yes, but this is Apple folks. Worth it? Indeed.


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