Super Get Info update adds new preferences

Super Get Info 1.2.1 from Bare Bones Software is the latest version of the file and folder information utility for Mac OS X. Super Get Info offers a powerful alternative to the Mac OS X Finder's "Get Info" command. The 1.2.1 update adds new preferences for more customized control of Finder selection and panel viewing choices. This version also includes minor interface refinements and fixes for reported issues.
Source: MacMinute

Super Get Info is one of those "Best Of" utilities for OS X. In a sense, it is a shame that Bare Bones has to even make it. Mac OS X should have the Super Get Info features built in. OS X sorta does, but not quite. I bought Super Get Info when it first debut, I think at the time it cost $14, but it is worth all of the $20 they charge for it now.

The new preferences in 1.2.1 are a great addition to an already excellent application.

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